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Our Services

  • Sports Medicine
  • General Medicine
  • Emergency Care
  • Digital X-ray – Our Phillips Cosmos BS Stand digital allows us to view bones and joint structures from head to toe.
  • Ultrasound – With the newest sonography technology available, our ultrasound machine captures lives images from inside of the body, which allows us to make better diagnostic decisions without having to make an incision.
  • EKG
  • Labor – Blood count, inflammatory parameters, rapid test for cardiac and lung infarction and streptococcal infection, blood clotting, risk factors (kidneys, liver, heart, biliary tract), urinalysis.
  • Pain Management Therapy – infusions, infiltration, manuel therapy, red light irradiation
  • Electrotherapy – Pain reduction, decongestion, muscle relaxation with trigger point treatment, detonation, movement training.

We also offer a wide range of athletic taping, which includes Kinesio Taping, casts and splints to heal broken or injured bones.